Friday, 28 May 2010

Bring Back The Good Old Times

Prof. Hji. Nur Misuari with MNLF leaders in Saudi Arabia (1980's)
Mufti Abdulbaki Abubakar having a planning session with with MNLF Secretrary General Muslimen Sema,MNLF deputy foreign minister Habib Mujahab Hashim and one of the MNLF learned scholars in Saudi Arabia.

(Late Commander Khadafy Dugasan together with Sir Jimor of MNLF)

Hajj brought them together along with other nations

Late President General Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan visits MNLF Office in Islamabad to pay respects to the family of Hji. Nur Misuari on the death of his beloved wife.
Tomb of late MNLF leader (wife of Hji. Nur Misuari) in Islamabad, Pakistan visited by MNLF leaders Hatimil Hassan, Datu Ulum Bahjin and dayang dayang Hja. Derhana Hashim.
1987 MNLF-GRP Peace Talks. MNLF chief negotiator Habib Mujahab Hashim talking with his counterpart from GRP Ambassador Pelaez and Butch Aquino.
MNLF leaders together with Muammar Gaddhafi of Libya.
MNLF friendship with other Muslim nations. (1970's)

MNLF forces
Towards the signing of 1996 GRP-MNLF Final peace agreement.
(Commander AbdulSahrin, Ustadz Zain, Doc. Maman, Engr. Kagim, Mufi Abdulbaki Abubakar, Mudjahab Hashim, Dr. Paruk of MNLF seen in the photo above)

May Allah unite our people and our leaders for the sake of love and understanding.


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