Sunday, 30 May 2010

Moro youth leads peace advocacy in Malaysia

By Nur Danial

 Malaysia is known as a peaceful country not only in the region but throughout the world. Her confidence to lead the peaceful advocacies are full of forces and capabilities despite of multi-ethnic people in the country. This is a situation where the young Moro would like to adopt in Mindanao. 

Would you expect the result of war in Mindanao during Martial law would bring fruits to the innocent civilians? However, the Moro children whose parents migrated to Malaysia enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The culture of peace in Malaysia is molding them to a useful youth and better community.

While adopting the Malay culture and tradition they are also preserving the Moro culture handed down by their forefather. And they hope that their children and the generation to come will also preserve their culture and tradition. These culture and tradition long last by the spirit of their close relationship and history written in every heart of young Moro
Pertubuhan Belia Morocanz, Masai, Johor, Malaysia

In Johor Baharu the Moro youth is successfully creating a venue for unity and healthy advocacies for youth lead by Morocanz Youth organization. The objective of the organization is to develop the culture of learning, to promote culture of peace, community services, to enhance skills and technical service and sports. 

As of now this youth organization is vigorous in activities that divert the young people from drugs to healthy daily routine such as sports and reading habit.


The Morocanz president Mr. Sharkis Hussin (photo at the top) called upon the young Moro and other Malaysian youth to participate the positive activities and organization that surely lead them to better citizen in Malaysia.

The said youth organization planning collaborates with other youth organizations in the country for possible community services, peace advocacies, and skills enhancement program. The youth aims to double their time and effort considering that there are many primary programs need to accomplish such educational program for the poor children in Sabah

These are the fruits of being peaceful citizen living in a peaceful country such as Malaysia. No way to think of other than better living. Like what the Moro youth adopted culture in Malaysia. The spirit of living peaceful way is not enough but leading the peaceful way of life is inspirable to Moro youth. Hope the Moro youth in Mindanao will also enjoy the harmony and peace in Mindanao.


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